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JD Rail Solutions are experts in providing rail solutions for mining purposes

JD Rail is committed to providing innovative, safe and reliable rail solutions for the global railway sector.

JD Rail Solutions are experts in providing rail solutions for mining purposes. The company was founded through rail industry demand for a design of rail level crossing that could be used in the harshest climatic conditions and withstand the constant impact forces of the world’s heaviest mining equipment, which no level crossing manufacturer had so far succeeded in providing.

AdvanBridge Level Crossing

Within a short period of time the AdvanBridge Level Crossing became the preferred level crossing for BHP Billiton Heavy Haul Rail (the world’s heaviest rail network), and is currently being fitted throughout its rail network. Because of JD Rail Solutions’ recognised ability to manufacture rail level crossings, they are widely used in the mining industry.

The AdvanBridge Level Crossings are popular with mining companies due to their strength and durability. They come with a 10 year warranty and will last for up to 50 years. They do not move once they are in place and are fully supported by the sleepers only, not the rail, with no drilling required. This product provides significant cost saving benefits with no installation fees and significantly reduced maintenance costs compared to other products on the market.

SmartTrack Support Blocks

JD Rail Solutions have also recently launched a new product, SmartTrack Support Blocks, which can be used as a cost effective alternative to regular ballasted track. By removing the need for ballast this product will significantly reduce bridge weight by between 30-50% and can be used in floodplain and surface water areas, preventing mud holes from forming underneath the track bed.

SmartTrack is particularly important in flood plain areas as it stops the need for speed restrictions, allowing additional trains to run every day and increasing your mines production. This is a huge benefit to mining companies as it will ultimately lead to increased revenue and bigger profits.

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