SmartTrack™ Support Block


Typically, traditional ballasted rail systems suffer from:

Poor water dispersion
Poor airflow
Excessive weight
Shifting of track
High maintenance costs

SmartTrack™ advantages:

Improved air flow – keeps track cooler and improves track drying
Compatible with existing sleepers – wood, steel, or concrete
Encourages natural water flow and drainage
Reduced labour costs
Quicker to install than conventional ballasted tracks
Minimises track movement; Smart-Track™ support blocks can be locked together
Lighter on bridges so you can increase your load carrying capability by 30-50%
Adjustable rubber shock absorbers
Fully insulated
Can be used for freight or passenger trains
Reduce track maintenance
SmartTrack™ is made from reinforced steel and reinforced concrete
SmartTrack™ has the same MPA strength as concrete sleepers
Totally reusable, making it ideal for a short term mine site.

By using simple principles, JD Rail Solutions Smart-Track™ is a smarter solution to rail networks.

SmartTrack™ Product List:

JD Rail Solutions SmartTrack™ Support Blocks have been designed for a variety of uses including:

High Speed Rail Networks
Sole plate (base plate) rail networks

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