Advan-Bridge® Rail Crossings


JD Rail Solutions’ Advan-Bridge Modular Fast Fit Road/Rail Crossing is designed by experienced Rail professionals to be the most effective solution for: 

Quick installation
Lowering Maintenance Costs
Reduce Derailments and track issues in remote areas
Easy Removal
Quick and easy drainage system to battle the harsher climates
How Quick?

2 men + 2 tonne Crane + 13 minutes equals a 3 Linear metre Crossing Installed!

Unique Lock Down System
The JD Rail Solutions Lock Down System was designed to ensure all panels would stay securely in place when vehicles passed over. To show that the Lock down system was as effective as designed, we at JD Rail Machines fitted our Crossing to 6 x 400kg Sleepers and 68kg Rail and lifted our Crossing on it’s normal lift points with a crane. Our Lock down system worked so effective, that it lift the rail and sleepers without letting go. When lifted the total weight measured was 7.5 tonne.

Cost Saving Factors

The argument goes that bitumen railroad crossings are cheaper to install: There are, however, serious risks and consequences to using traditional systems.
Asphalt has a sulphur content in its mix and when exposed to rain and sunlight it turns to sulphuric acid and is attracted to the steel rail. An electrolysis reaction is set up and with 110volts DC running through both rails, it corrodes them, thus reducing the life of the rail from fifty years to 31⁄2 years.
Bitumen is usually down for many years and during this period the track and rail deteriorate at a fast rate.
JD Rail Fast Fit Crossovers may appear to be more expensive per panel than bitumen. However, cost savings are immediate as only two men are required to fit them and panels can be removed within minutes, not hours. Traditional rail tracks require constant maintenance, i.e. tamping and rail grinding, clip and sleeper inspection.
Trains can continue to operate at normal speeds and keep within scheduled times.
It allows for a well-kept and maintained crossing with no dangerous dips in the track. All clips are accounted for and secured correctly, and rail grinding is up-to- date thus preventing scouring and damage to train wheels.
Easy maintenance prevents pumping and encourages drainage.
In the event of an accident, there will be no insurance company requests to see maintenance records and suggestions that the accident could have been prevented if the segment of track under the bitumen crossing has been correctly and regularly maintained.
Insurance premiums may be reduced.
There will be less stress for the Track Inspectors and allied staff knowing that track under the JD Road/Rail Crossing has been correctly maintained.
There is peace of mind in the knowledge that everyone is safer when passing over JD Rail Road/Rail Crossings.

There is an absolute minimum of components – only two.

The following are not required when using a JD Road/Rail Crossing

clout nails;
road rollers for compaction;
all day track and road shutdowns due to lifting out level crossings;
large crews for installation;
hammers, chisels, vibrating tools, road rollers, excavators, bobcats, wrenches or special tools
road foundation blocks, road preparation or disturbance;
expensive cranage;
track jigs, stencils or even measuring tape;
no shrinkage, resin drying or powdering, cracking and broken springs occur and no , guide-plates, levers, pulleys, chain or securing rods are required,

There is no disturbance to roads, using a JD Road/Rail Crossing 3-point installation

Excess ballast from top of the sleepers (ties) is cleared away
Locking saddles are fitted
Panels are lowered and seating checked.

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