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Smart Track

SmartTrack™ Support Block

Description Typically, traditional ballasted rail systems suffer from: Poor water dispersion Poor airflow Excessive weight Shifting of track High maintenance costs SmartTrack™ advantages: Improved air flow – keeps track cooler and improves track drying Compatible with existing sleepers – wood, steel, or concrete Encourages natural water flow and drainage Reduced labour costs Quicker to install […]
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SmartTrack™: Installation

Description Easy to install the JD Rail Solutions’ innovative SmartTrack™ system. Build a new track in one third the time with just 3 to 12 forklift drivers and one track supervisor! The system is also re-usable, making it ideal for short-term use – simply pick it up and take it to the next location. For more […]
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SmartTrack™: Floodplain Blocks

Description JD Rail Solutions has developed a system to remove the Ballast from the Track Structure in Floodplain Areas where flooding or low lying water has been causing Track Washout. This system will prevent washout of the Track making the Track safer and reduce maintenance cost. Features and Benefits of SmartTrack® Support Blocks Control and […]
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