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Core Services

Design & Development Services

Description JD Rail Solutions is committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients and partners by providing new and innovative technology to the Global Rail Sector.  Jd Rail Solutions integrate rail engineering experience, modern technology and manufacturing methods to produce innovative infrastructure designs tailored to client and project needs, to deliver cost-effective results […]
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Rail Inspections & Maintenance

Description JD Rail can provide a comprehensive approach to track repair and maintenance. Save time and money by completing multiples maintenance services during the same maintenance window. Small Accessory – Inspections and Replacement​ Sand Cleaning Services Routine Inspections Contact Us Previous SmartTrack™: Installation Next Design & Development Services September 9, 2022 Jacinta ACS and JD […]
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SmartTrack™: Installation

Description JD Rail Solutions providing installation services to install the JD Rail Solutions’ innovative SmartTrack™ system. Build a new track in one third the time with just 3 to 12 forklift drivers and one track supervisor! The system is also re-usable, making it ideal for short-term use – simply pick it up and take it to the next […]
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