SmartTrack™: Floodplain Blocks


JD Rail Solutions has developed a system to remove the Ballast from the Track Structure in Floodplain Areas where flooding or low lying water has been causing Track Washout. This system will prevent washout of the Track making the Track safer and reduce maintenance cost.

Features and Benefits of SmartTrack® Support Blocks

Control and cool your track temperatures. SmartTrack® offers improved air flow over and through the blocks. This also you excellent track drying.
Labour costs are reduced with SmartTrack® and it’s quicker to install than conventional ballasted tracks. Build a brand new track in 1/3 of the time with just 3-12 forklift drivers and one track supervisor.
SmartTrack® encourages natural water flow and drainage. No resistance or pressure.
SmartTrack® has more concentrated weight and can be locked together, or locked to bridges, so there is no track movement. They can be locked together with large re-enforced steel and concrete spacers, so you can double track which increases strength, stability and weight with very low maintenance and still retain track resilience.
Track cant and radius can be built in to the millimetre. There is no other system where you can do this.
SmartTrack® has adjustable rubber shock absorbers on all blocks.
Deep pylon or stakes can be used to hold down SmartTrack® on less stable ground. We also supply auger shafts and floodplain buoyancy pads to give extra downward ground resistance. We also supply polyethylene non rust panels for shallow or deep piling to assist in extreme soil problems.
SmartTrack® is fitted with buffer compression blocks.
SmartTrack® is compatible with all kinds of sleepers. Wood, steel or concrete.
Securely locks down on bridges with our inbuilt suspension.
SmartTrack® is lighter on bridges, so you can increase your load carrying capacity by 30-50%. Save $millions on strengthening and upgrading bridges.
SmartTrack® is fully insulated.
SmartTrack® can be made wider for soft track areas.
It has a forty tonne load carrying capacity.
SmartTrack® can be locked together the full length of your track system, or laterally.
Reduces track maintenance by 90% over 50 years, as there is no ballast to maintain.
Reduces the need for rail grinding.
Reduces bridge maintenance. No more hidden pockets of rain water. Anti-corrosive paint will help it to last longer.
No ballast degradation, spoiling, track shifting or sleeper pumping.
On dedicated coal freight tracks you have no more contamination of the ballast by coal dust.
SmartTrack® is made from reinforced steel and reinforced concrete.
SmartTrack® has the same MPA strength as concrete sleepers.
You can clip IT and Fibre Optic cables along SmartTrack®. Saving time and money.
SmartTrack® is a fast way to put in sidings, emergency tracks or loops.
SmartTrack® is totally re-usable, so it’s ideal for short term mine life as it can be picked up and taken to a new location. Because the whole track system is totally re-usable it becomes a resalable asset that can be re-used on another mine site. Or sold as a profitable company asset.
Because SmartTrack® is designed to lock securely we should see less speed restrictions. This means increased production on the railway line, which will lead to increased profit.

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